Out for a run on the Sable River trials

The Shelburne County ATV Club has a strong association with the Woodlands Multi-use Trail Association. In fact, the memebership of the two is the same except for some additional non ATVers in the Trail Association.

The Woodland Multi-use Trail Association is a group of volunteers committed to the creation of a multi-use trail system in Shelburne County for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and to foster an appreciation of our natural environment and cultural heritage (through tourism).

We have worked on this vision as follows:

We have built 10 Kms of trail between Hwy 3 in Sable River to Canada Hill
Road.  We are just completing 8.4 km from Hwy 103 in Sable River to the
Queen’s County line at Wilkins Lake to join the Queen’s County trail system
into Port Mouton and Summerville.  An agreement was just signed with a local
contractor to build 4.6 km of trail from Hwy 309 in Port Clyde to Clement’s
Pond at km 64 of Hwy 103.

Funding has also been applied for to build 10 km of
trail between Wood’s Harbour and the Yarmouth County line at Charlesville to
join the Yarmouth County trail system.






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