pic25Shelburne County ATV Association began as a small group of volunteers many years ago with members from cape Sable Island, Woods Harbour, Shelburne and surrounding areas throughout Shelburne County. The club was created because many of the members wished to find a way to use their ATV’s in a lawful and respectful manner. To date the club has 200 registered ATV’s and roughly 400 members from all over Shelburne County.

As we are apart of this club we are also apart of ATVANS. Through ATVANS we have been able to keep up with current laws and regulations as well as learn and interact with other member clubs.

Here are some benefits from joining our club:

  • Being apart of the provincial All Terrain Vehicle Association ATVANS, including insurance and grant benefits.
  • Participating in fun runs with club members and other ATV riders from surrounding areas.
  • Helping to build and maintain trails in Shelburne County to ensure access for all ATVers.
  • Helping to create a safe and healthy activity and observe nature in remote areas of our province.
  • Working with all levels of government towards mutually satisfactory rules and regulations governing the use of all terrain vehicles on both crown and private property.
  • Improving the public image of all terrain vehicle users by educating and encouraging users in the safe, proper and courteous use of all terrain vehicles.





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